Saturday, December 7, 2013

DIY Christmas Card - Easy&quick

This is an easy way to make a decent Christmas card. 
You'll need paper, some paint, a ruler, and a pen.

1.Fold the paper.

(Click the images to see the original size.)

2. Paint a Christmas tree branch.
(I'm using watercolors, but you can use whatever you have.)

3. Paint the Christmas balls (they don't have to be perfect at all!!!).

4. Get a ruler and a pen, and draw some lines, as if the balls are hangin' (and chillin').

And you're done.
You can add some twinkling with white paint. :)

You can of course moderate the idea and add something more here. 
Make it sparkly, perhaps? Have fun with it!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Night Vale

So... what is this Night Vale, anyway?
Wait... seriously? You don't know? What... how...
Um, well, Night Vale is a great podcast; you can listen to it here.

Ok. What it is about?
It's about very mysterious desert town Night Vale, where all the weirdest things happen. Really weird, like big, glowing cloud, a floating cat in men bathroom, dark hooded creatures appearing from time to time in the dog park where NO ONE is allowed to go to.

^ One of the theories, up here.

Is it good?
Hell yeah. A lot of fun. NV podcast is hilarious and exceptionally weird.
I like to listen to it especially when I'm painting. I have my hands busy then, but my mind free and focused.
I wouldn't lie to you.
So now go here and listen to it. :) 
You won't regret it, I promise!

Do you want one more reason?
Here, have a quote:

And now a public service announcement. Here is a brief list of everything that is helpful.

The Sheriff’s Secret Police, clouds, anger, The City Council, affection falling just short of love, ceiling fans, lungs, other sundry organs, laws, government, helicopters, the 2005 Honda Accord, secrets, whispers, ultimately nothing.

Anything not specifically named in this list should be considered not-helpful and ultimately dangerous. It’s not just good sense, it’s the law.

Thursday, May 9, 2013


Two days ago I had my first stalker.
But to begin... I was coming back from train station to home and I met my colleague Monika. She said she was going to the mall center so I decided to go with her. Why not?
After an hour she had to go so we said goodbye and I walked home. In about half the way I noticed I was followed by a guy. A boy actually. He could be 12-14 years old, he had a baggy hoodie and trousers which he was often hitching.
After few minutes I was certain he was following me, he was 3-4 steps behind me or 2 steps before me, 
but continuously he was walking exactly in the same direction as me, the same way.
It was hilarious, but when I had gotten near home I decided that was the time to end this game. Suddenly I turned to him and with an upfront smile asked why he was after me. He looked kinda confused and said 'I'm on a walk'. I thought 'Yeah, right.' and stood still. Then he said 'I can go away if you want me to, fine' and fastly started to walk in other direction. I fled home immediately.
So in general he was following me for about 150 meters (or more, I don't know) and the whole situation was somehow cute and very hilarious.
I'm writing all this to get to my point which is: if I hadn't met Monika there at that time I wouldn't meet this boy. I would have just gone home (as always) and spent there the rest of the day (as always).
So... I think it's amazing that our daily, unimportant, small decisions can sometimes bring to us something really special, unusual, which wouldn't happen otherwise. We should appreaciate small things and (if possible) gain experience.
I believe that everything that happens to us creates and changes us (for example a bad relationship is a lesson), we should sometimes take a moment to think of what we have, what we experienced and how it can affect us in a positive way.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Crafting mode: on

Lately I've been in kind of crafty mood. 
I decided to try to sew some cute pillows in anime style.
Before that I had tried making clay-pendants, but it didn't turned out as I wanted.
Seems like sewing things is a better option for me. :)
Here are my pillows/plushies:

An owl, dango and sad cat. These were my first.

Winged cat made from my old sweatshirt.

I'm pretty happy with these. 
Surely I'm gonna make more of them. :)

Friday, February 15, 2013

All the *feelings*

Yesterday I finished watching LOST
When it ended, I was crying like a little baby. 
The ending was really epic, I know many people are not satisfied with this, but that they aren't - it doesn't mean ending was bad. It wasn't! I enjoyed it, it was touching and simple.

This is my No 1 favourite series. It was so emotional, and the plot was extremely twisted and full of surprises, and the characters were brilliant. I'm gonna miss Sawyer, Sayid, Claire, Charlie, Jack, Ben and the rest really bad. Awww, these were such great, complexed characters...
I'm so gonna rewatch the show!!!